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A Reliable, Affordable, and Digital Solution

Momentum is a standards-based digital communications solution designed to deliver maximum performance within the constraints of tight operating budgets. Public agencies and private enterprises in need of feature rich, digital voice and data solutions can trust Momentum to deliver reliable communications that meet and exceed the FCC Narrowband mandate.

  • 75x75 - Momentum - T2 Dispatch Console
    T2 Dispatch Solution

    The T2 Dispatch solution is a scalable, PC-based voice dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution designed for any size budget. From a single PC to multiple dispatch consoles at remote locations, the T2 Dispatch standards-based architecture is flexible enough to handle it.

    T2 Dispatch is feature-rich, offering:

    • Voice dispatch
    • AVL and GPS tracking
    • Geo-fencing and alarms
    • Voice recording and playback
    • SIP telephone interconnect
    • Radio enable/disable
    • Remote monitoring

  • HDP150
    Momentum Products

    HDP250 Portable Radio

    HDP150 Portable Radio

    HDP100 Portable Radio

    HDM150 Mobile Radio

    HDR100 Repeater - Tier 2

    HDT300 Base Station - Tier 3

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    The Momentum Application Provider Program (APP) allows third-party application developers to write applications, or modify existing applications, to operate on Momentum systems. Learn more...

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    Grant Funding

    DMR solutions are currently deployed by Public Safety, Utility and Transportation agencies throughout North America. It is anticipated that by 2015 more that 250,000 DMR and DMR-like radios will be in use by public safety agencies in this region. To learn how Momentum radios can qualify for U.S. Federal grants, go to the Harris Grant website or subscribe to Harris’ grant outreach program at to receive up to the minute grant information. 


"What really stands out about the Momentum line is the quality of the audio in the radio. Simply put, it is impressive and similar to the quality found in larger, more expensive radios."

Jim Foley, Tactical Public Safety

Featured Product
HDP150 Portable
Multimode DMR Portable Radio
The HDP150 portable radio provides communication with multimode functionality.
Momentum HDP300 Base Station
HDT300 Base Station
The Momentum HDT300 is a DMR Tier III compliant trunking base station that provides two-slot TDMA digital signaling.
Momentum HDP-250 Multi-mode digital Radio
The HDP250 multi-mode portable is one of the smallest high-power digital radios available providing DMR trunking, DMR conventional and analog conventional operating modes.